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Tour 1 ~ Exmoor to Dartmoor

Narrow roads and beautiful waterfalls

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It was an interesting night, disturbed by strange dreams (thanks to the Lariam we are still taking from our trip to The Gambia last month); the fact that is was a new bed and a new experience; too much to eat and drink (nearly half a bottle of rum plus around a third of a bottle of wine); and every time David moved, turned over or went to the loo, the van shook.

This bottle was full when I started last night

I initially wake at 6am, but unusually manage to get back to sleep again after going to the loo. I finally get up around eight o'clock.

Bickleigh Mill

First stop – Bickleigh Mill to buy a post card and use the facilities.


Exeter Services

Needing to check the tyre pressure, we pull into Exeter Services where we take the opportunity to use their facilities and buy lunch: Greg's sausage rolls; but they have no caramel custard doughnuts. Boo!

Being such a large vehicle, we have to park Thor amongst the caravans and huge trucks. Feeling concerned about being blocked in, when the truck in front of us drives off, David decides to move Thor into that space. What I forgot and David wasn't aware of, is that I'd left the step just outside the door. Fortunately the driver of the van behind us notices, and comes running up to us with it. Doh.

Next stop is a lay-by along the A38 Exeter Express Way for coffee, where we can really feel the traffic going by, buffeting Thor with each vehicle.

On the outskirts of Plymouth, we stop in a Farm Foods car park to meet up with Sarah, a girl who used to work for the same company as me (albeit in the Plymouth office rather than Bristol). While clearing out my dad's house, we came across a loom, and as Sarah is very much into weaving, I offered it to her. Hence why we are here today: to hand it over.

We also stock up on some lunch for tomorrow as well as ice cream for the freezer compartment 'just in case'.

Burrator Reservoir

From his app searchforsites, David found a place for us to stop for tonight, alongside Burrator Reservoir.

As we arrive at the dam, an ice cream van is just packing up, but not before we have bought one.


Before deciding which of the many car parks is going to be our home for the night, we drive around the whole reservoir. It is extremely narrow in places, with Thor touching the vegetation on both sides at the same time.



There are gorgeous ponies milling around too.


And a delightful little cascade.


Bluebell Glade

We return to an area I fell in love with first time round, with a flat(ish) grassed area leading to a sunken section with lovely old trees and bluebells growing underneath.





We struggle to get the van level, and David moves Thor from place to place to try and find a more flat area.

It is too cold and windy to sit outside this evening, and after a very nice dinner of chicken fajitas, we settle in for an early night. There is no phone signal here, which means no internet access.


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